Making Light an Artform

Hi there! I have not written anything in the creative section since the blog launch. So I would like to share a tiny bit today. This is a brief free write that came about a few days ago. (See below). I was thinking for quite some time about how easy it is to write about…

Living for Jesus With an Ambitious Soul

It’s been a while but today I will be responding to a commission topic. This subject was so graciously suggested by my thoughtful friend K-Lynn, this one reads: Help! I love Jesus and I am ambitious – How to serve God while pursuing your dreams. Ambition generally connotes zeal, passion and commitment. It reminds us…

Why Christians Should Be Aware of the Fame Monster

However, there are factors that come with spotlighting we must be wary of ourselves, especially as Christians. Several events we see unfold on a daily basis herald these underlying problems. The Fame Monster can consume us unaware. And I don’t mean Lady Gaga’s album.

Inside the Mind of the Restless

Today I was reminded that my body has limits. That if you don’t put safety guards on your grind you will kill yourself.

Baby Backpacker: Tips and Tales for Tot Travel

A concrete panorama is sprawled across the entrance. Rust coloured blocks are piled high upon each other, reflecting red by the light of gentle white rays. Ruby and snow petals litter the patches of emerald green, sequestered between the brick road. While large, burly trees stand guard all around; the broad, sturdy sign is unmistakable:…

The Trap of Hesitation

How often have you found yourself feeling an urge to let someone know how you feel about them, then a day later you hear that they have passed on?

Courting and Age Gap Love

It was a breath of fresh air to meet a man who was deliberate in his pursuit without being creepy.

Women are Not the Enemy – Lessons in Sisterhood

  It is like drinking a Crush. It is a burst: bright, sweet, bubbling over and refreshing. That is the rush I get when I see women winning. It is why when my friend K-Lynn broached the potential subject to me: “The Value of Sisterhood among Women”, my mouth has been watering to say something…

The Anxiety Beast.. and How to Slay It

I know that some days reciting 2 Timothy 1:7 like the old ladies at church in the hats told you to just does not suffice for tackling the waves slamming into me today. So I want to share with you a few of the ways in which I tackle one of my biggest thorns in the side.