Memories of Favourite Flavours on the Momentous 40th

Pretty straight forward. Brief reflections on yummy Vincy things I have little access to now as I celebrate the 40th year of independence for my beautiful multi island state St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Shavanare and Valuing Difference

Shavanare points out how many of us shape our perception of ourselves based on the perception of others. I believe as a result that to reverse this process we must begin defining ourselves by our own distinct perceptions.

Rest is not a Bad Word

The trouble with above and beyond reachers is that they do not know how to set limits and boundaries.

They’re pretty good at saying it’s fine while they’re 30% functional because they have enough in them to get through the occasion but have you ever gone to bed without charging your cell phone and then halfway through the day you’re wincing at the 10% on the blackened screen? That tends to be my general response.