Tough, (un)pretty things they never tell you about Motherhood

Don’t get too consumed by the feature image. I don’t think you’d take well to a photo of the baby running through the house streaking everything in poop. (And neither will any of our children in a few years). So I won’t literally give you that image. What I will give you in words though are some experiences many of us have never known about until we went through them ourselves.

Rest is not a Bad Word

The trouble with above and beyond reachers is that they do not know how to set limits and boundaries.

They’re pretty good at saying it’s fine while they’re 30% functional because they have enough in them to get through the occasion but have you ever gone to bed without charging your cell phone and then halfway through the day you’re wincing at the 10% on the blackened screen? That tends to be my general response.

An Ode to Adulthood

If you came here looking for poetry I have to apologise from the start. Perhaps these meandering thoughts can pass as paragraph poetry but certainly not an ode. Why call it an ode you say? Because I believe that although adulthood comes with its unexpected, unfurling, sometimes wild twists and turns, there is some metaphorical,…

Believing in a Breadnut

Breadnuts in Barbados, what a novelty to me. Although they weren’t commonly represented here. They were here. They belonged here.

Sometimes You Cannot Carry Everybody

About six years ago I had the privilege of being the president of a Christian organization on my University campus. I was honoured to work with an amazing, focused, steady, hardworking team and a body of dedicated Christians. It is easily one of the most memorable years of my life. When I started I did…

Women Were Made Strong Enough to Fight Abortion

Exactly one year ago I held a tiny, pink, wrinkly person in my arms. I remember his full curly head resting on my bosom and his tiny ‘o’ of a mouth homing in on a full, aching breast without opening his eyes to find it. I still remember effortlessly beating the sun to the next…

The Walk of Body Shaming – A Postpartum Chronicle

Today was hard. After my son was born, I got into the habit of purchasing items for him and only him. My dollar became dedicated to the well-being of my child. Yes. I would proudly admit that I am one of those obsessive parents when it comes to ensuring that my child is taken care…

Inside the Mind of the Restless

Today I was reminded that my body has limits. That if you don’t put safety guards on your grind you will kill yourself.