Believing in a Breadnut

Breadnuts in Barbados, what a novelty to me. Although they weren’t commonly represented here. They were here. They belonged here.

Sometimes You Cannot Carry Everybody

About six years ago I had the privilege of being the president of a Christian organization on my University campus. I was honoured to work with an amazing, focused, steady, hardworking team and a body of dedicated Christians. It is easily one of the most memorable years of my life. When I started I did…

Women Were Made Strong Enough to Fight Abortion

Exactly one year ago I held a tiny, pink, wrinkly person in my arms. I remember his full curly head resting on my bosom and his tiny ‘o’ of a mouth homing in on a full, aching breast without opening his eyes to find it. I still remember effortlessly beating the sun to the next…

The Walk of Body Shaming – A Postpartum Chronicle

Today was hard. After my son was born, I got into the habit of purchasing items for him and only him. My dollar became dedicated to the well-being of my child. Yes. I would proudly admit that I am one of those obsessive parents when it comes to ensuring that my child is taken care…

Inside the Mind of the Restless

Today I was reminded that my body has limits. That if you don’t put safety guards on your grind you will kill yourself.

Women are Not the Enemy – Lessons in Sisterhood

  It is like drinking a Crush. It is a burst: bright, sweet, bubbling over and refreshing. That is the rush I get when I see women winning. It is why when my friend K-Lynn broached the potential subject to me: “The Value of Sisterhood among Women”, my mouth has been watering to say something…

The Anxiety Beast.. and How to Slay It

I know that some days reciting 2 Timothy 1:7 like the old ladies at church in the hats told you to just does not suffice for tackling the waves slamming into me today. So I want to share with you a few of the ways in which I tackle one of my biggest thorns in the side.