Baby Backpacker – A Standard List for the Travelling Parent

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What today’s piece might lack in inspiration, it makes up for in utilitarianism.

Anyone who travels with a baby knows that it is a monumental task. Whether or not it gets easier or harder as they grow is entirely impossible to deduce. Some things get easier, some get harder. What I do know is that since my son was born he has traveled more than many adults already. Still, I have been forever locked in a war with packing for him to travel.

While items have changed and shifted over time, I want to try as far as possible to give an overview of what the standard list should look like for your one-year-old or younger.

1. Pampers are a staple – unless you intend to wash your cloth diaper while away, pampers are mandatory. Unlike the adults in the party who can wear the same thing all day your baby who does not yet attend the washroom needs to be provided with underwear. Frequently. On average they may run to a maximum of ten a day. If I’m flying regionally I take 4 as hand luggage if internationally 10 to be safe. Depending on where I’m going I will stash 40 in my suitcase in case we won’t see civilization for a bit.

2. Wipes – unless you intend to deal with the nightmare of an unexpected stool with your bare hands or an item of clothing (which I don’t recommend), this is a staple too. I take one pack of 64 usually. I prefer huggies wipes as pampers wipes may demand you use more in one session. If your trip lasts more than a week you may want to estimate how much you generally use in a week and buy accordingly.

3. Diaper rash cream – You don’t need to add the discomfort of a rash to your baby’s hectic travel day trust me. Try to buy the tiniest available amount like 3 oz so you would not have trouble with travel stipulations.

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4. Milk – if you breastfeed this is easy you can feed baby anywhere. If you can manage the pump and a bottle too well that’s good on you friend. If you take formula take the number of bottles you need, just enough formula in a dispenser and more in your luggage if you want to. Water is usually not allowed on board so simply ask your flight attendant to spare you some hot water for the baby.

5. Antibacterial wipes – germs, germs everywhere. Airports are nasty. If you are the germaphobe I am, when you are not holding the baby you will want to disinfect. By the way your baby will probably try to hold on to everything.

6. Food – if your baby is older you can take little packaged snacks, cereal, purees, cookies etc for your growing kid to occupy himself with on the plane. An older baby may probably join your own meal. Please also remember utensils such as a sippy cup for water and at least one bowl and a spoon. Important to bring along a baby cleansing sponge for utensils. By the way your foods will be checked at security so no worries about having them taken away.

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7. Toys – don’t take too many but a standard favourite is a blessing if you’re in for a long hall. Baby might like a book too and may hopefully, unlike mine, avoid trying to eat it.

8. Clothing – while this is obvious, it can get complicated (although I may be the one making it that way). A hat is good if too hot or too cold. Vests, onesies, dresses, pants, a towel, appropriate shoes, bibs, washcloths, socks, blankies. I take a few of everything. I schedule out how many garments baby wears a day which is usually one outfit and then something to sleep in. If you are going to the frigid North at winter you need boots, jackets and long sleeves. A happy baby is one who is not freezing to death. Swaddlers are also useful. Soothers are too if you use them. If it’s hot you can take vests. And beach wear if necessary. Church wear if necessary. Keep in mind whatever special occasions you would like baby

9. Meds – See my previous baby packet post for info on travel meds. If you’re going to a mosquito ridden place baby bug spray is needed. If to the beach baby sun tan lotion. Take into consideration every context you may enter. You may need oil for baby’s hair. Lotion for skin. Baby gravol is good in case baby has nausea. And please stow all these liquids in your carry on.

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10. Hygiene – baby toothbrush and toothpaste if at that stage are pluses. Baby nail clips are helpful if you would like to keep your eye when baby starts clawing at it. Baby shower gel can be taken in your luggage or you can purchase some when you get where you are going. If baby is teething bring a ring or teether toy. A comb and brush help make any baby with hair look presentable. A nose frida in case baby has a stubborn booger. Nose drops.

11. Stroller and carseat – great help navigating big airports and carseats are standard for road travel especially if you will be in personal vehicles.

12. Travel beds are useful additions.

13. Baby’s travel record should go with you everywhere anyway.

14. Oh a change pad to put your little one on of course.

15. A camera to capture every beautiful memory you and your baba will make!

Still pack as lightly as you can. If you can access supermarkets in your new location and you have the money then take advantage of the opportunity.

My son shares my suitcase and as extensive as this list looks my luggage is never overweight. That’s always a money saver. So go out and enjoy!

What other items do you think should be added to the list??

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