Making Light an Artform

Hi there!

I have not written anything in the creative section since the blog launch. So I would like to share a tiny bit today.

This is a brief free write that came about a few days ago. (See below). I was thinking for quite some time about how easy it is to write about darkness. When I was a teenager I had hundreds of pages of poetry based exclusively on pain, suffering, brokenness and death. I lived with the weight of it. I remember that I was one of the persons who grew exceedingly impatient with unwaveringly optimistic people. I was convinced that they lived in a bubble of naivete and ignored the harshness of reality which would catch up with them later.

While I still believe that it’s important to be alert about reality, I have realised that writing exclusively about darkness was not always helpful. It was and still is necessary for catharsis and release. But I was missing too much of the wonder of life when I always immersed myself in pure black.

I began to challenge myself to write more about light and revelation. Goodness and strength. Through this blog I have been challenging myself to keep doing just that. Even if you are not a writer I want to encourage you to give exactly that to life. Highlight the beautiful things. Exhibit the glory in God’s creation. Tell the truth. Function in grace. Applaud brilliance. And do these things habitually. Speech, writing, deeds: they all have some measure of art. They all allow the expression of human ability and beauty.

Write rightly then. Write light


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