Shavanare and Valuing Difference

Shavanare points out how many of us shape our perception of ourselves based on the perception of others. I believe as a result that to reverse this process we must begin defining ourselves by our own distinct perceptions.

A Part of the Team (Jamaica Pt. 2)

In missions, there is no room for ‘I’ or ‘me’, not when the work to be done revolves around a certain Him. We are fit into what preacher John Piper calls God’s “architectural plan”. By our connection through the one Living stone Jesus, we are like living stones being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus

Can Christians see life in John Allen Chau’s death?

This occurrence is no secret. The news has been plastered across the internet for weeks through every news house imaginable. We have heard the commentary. We have seen the feedback. Responses range from pity to outrage to apathy among others. Some, increased faith. And while I have had several of my own reservations about how…

Making Light an Artform

Hi there! I have not written anything in the creative section since the blog launch. So I would like to share a tiny bit today. This is a brief free write that came about a few days ago. (See below). I was thinking for quite some time about how easy it is to write about…