The Wedding You Don’t Want to Miss

Rev. 19:9 – Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb…

One of the most daunting tasks any person can go through is preparing for a wedding. Well, of course, unless someone else is planning it. The guest list seems to be a dream to compile. It’s pretty easy. Friends and family right? White ribbons, blue bows, card paper, metallic envelopes… until she sits in box of a room, at a dimly lit table, beginning to contemplate. When was the last time Jack spoke to me? I have forty-five cousins on my father’s side… maybe I should just limit it to my five best friends? Eloping looks like a cost effective measure…

rings wedding
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In the end, a wedding must have some sense of exclusivity to be affordable. Who wants to celebrate with strangers? What if Jesus thought that way? What if He discriminated based on race, gender or size? He doesn’t. In fact, He wants everyone to come to His wedding. Thus He paid the ultimate price on the Cross so that all would be afforded the opportunity to enter. So free is His gift that the poor and the rich are welcome. The same way the servant was sent out in Luke 14 to compel people on the highways and byways to come in so that the house may be full, is the same openness Jesus offers us. Sounds like a great ending right?

Though the invitation is offered to everyone, everyone does not accept it. There is an R.S.V.P. date written on the invitation Christ offers us: His Return. Because we’re not quite sure when exactly this wedding will take place, we must realise that the acceptable time for a reservation is now (2 Corinthians 6:2). Just as we only invite people we know well to the ceremony, Jesus does it a little differently, He invites everyone so that by accepting the invitation, we have an opportunity to come and know Him. When we believe and confess Him as Lord, we grow to love Him. The more we love Him, the more we desire to keep His commands (Jn. 14:15) and draw close to Him.

The worst experience I can imagine, entails walking towards the beautifully decorated church, encompassing throngs of excited people. Your equally large grin greets the folks at the door checking the invitation list. Their lips make a slow but certain descent with a swivel of the head, “Your name isn’t here.” You stand, face aghast, “Surely Jesus remembered me, I met Him quite some time ago, He had the kindest smile. He would never be so impolite.” Yet somehow you find yourself escorted through the gates like an absolute stranger, or perhaps a lunatic yelling that your name must be there, you were invited after all. He somehow seemed to forget that one encounter with you.

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Will that be us? At Eternity’s door, can Jesus say that He no longer calls us servants because He has shared His Father’s secrets with us? Can Jesus call us friends? Can He recall the last time we’ve spoken to Him or offered Him a gift of love? Or are we running to the shop for oil at the last minute? Are we procrastinating on sending in that reservation?  Are we carelessly cancelling it? Or do we look forward to the only wedding everyone is invited to: the marriage supper of the Lamb? In the end, a wedding must have some sense of exclusivity. Though He found you once a stranger, ensure that you’re included.

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