A Part of the Team (Jamaica Pt. 2)

In missions, there is no room for ‘I’ or ‘me’, not when the work to be done revolves around a certain Him. We are fit into what preacher John Piper calls God’s “architectural plan”. By our connection through the one Living stone Jesus, we are like living stones being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus

Good Friday Reminders from Isaiah 53

There are so many poetic and poignant things we can say about the death of Christ. Nevertheless, no one can write about it in as resonant expressions as they have been conveyed in the Bible. Now I am a King James version type of girl, but on occasion I read other versions of the sacred…

Living for Jesus With an Ambitious Soul

It’s been a while but today I will be responding to a commission topic. This subject was so graciously suggested by my thoughtful friend K-Lynn, this one reads: Help! I love Jesus and I am ambitious – How to serve God while pursuing your dreams. Ambition generally connotes zeal, passion and commitment. It reminds us…

Why Christians Should Be Aware of the Fame Monster

However, there are factors that come with spotlighting we must be wary of ourselves, especially as Christians. Several events we see unfold on a daily basis herald these underlying problems. The Fame Monster can consume us unaware. And I don’t mean Lady Gaga’s album.

The Wedding You Don’t Want to Miss

Rev. 19:9 – Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb… One of the most daunting tasks any person can go through is preparing for a wedding. Well, of course, unless someone else is planning it. The guest list seems to be a dream to compile. It’s pretty easy. Friends and family…