Reclaiming the Space Episode Jannah and the Dilemma of Braces


Hi Everybody!

We are back with another installment of one of Reclaiming the Space!

This week we are thrilled to feature Jannah Browne! Beyond being my sister, Jannah is a programmer, gamer, artist, singer, craftsman, designer and overall virtuoso. What I bet you did not know is that Jannah has a gap! Her story to reaching her current diastema is probably significantly different from many of us gap girls, so take a listen and give some feedback! 🙂

For those of you who do not know, Reclaiming the Space is a mini-series produced by The Light in the Cracks addressing the issues, experiences and journeys of people with gaps! A lot of us finally have an outlet to express our thoughts, feelings and processes in a way we have not before. If you know someone who really wants to share or bring a unique perspective inbox our fb or IG page! We will be glad to connect! We have approximately 6 episodes left which will span throughout the rest of the year. So keep looking out!



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