Tough, (un)pretty things they never tell you about Motherhood

Don’t get too consumed by the feature image. I don’t think you’d take well to a photo of the baby running through the house streaking everything in poop. (And neither will any of our children in a few years). So I won’t literally give you that image. What I will give you in words though are some experiences many of us have never known about until we went through them ourselves.

Reclaiming the Space – Ch. 2 – Shazelle and the Fountain of Youth

“I think my smile is just awesome with it [a gap], like a bit impish and also innocent in a way because it gives off this child appearance. But I’ve also found that persons really like my smile and it makes me easily approachable.” Shazelle points out thoughtfully. Though well into her twenties, Shazelle has…

Courting and Age Gap Love

It was a breath of fresh air to meet a man who was deliberate in his pursuit without being creepy.